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    OUR PARTNERS ARTBOXY “Every artist should be able to show his artworks in galleries and exhibitions world wide - ARTBOXY makes it possible!” - Patricia, Co-Founder Artboxy is an online platform that celebrates and makes accessible art in all its forms. It provides a virtual platform for artists to showcase their work and for art lovers to explore. With features like artist profiles and art blogs, Artboxy allows users to delve deeper into the art world and save their favorite works in personal collections. Artboxy's strength lies in its inclusive and accessible nature, which encourages exchange and dialogue between artists and art lovers. With a strong community characterized by mutual inspiration and love for art, Artboxy stands out as a unique place for art lovers and artists. Fine Art Printing Lab Editing Curatorial Services, Art Advisory Digital Marketing, Graphic Design Printing Office


    CHRISTOS GEORGOUDAKIS BIOGRAPHY Christos Georgoudakis is a sculptor-engraver-graphic artist, with many years of experience in teaching applied arts. He studied applied arts at the Doxiadis School - Greece and at Middlesex University of London. He has participated in many group exhibitions, ART ATHINA, EETE, the Byzantine Museum, the Piraeus Art Gallery, to name a few, while he has presented individual exhibitions in important venues in Greece and the United States, such as in New York and Miami. His work exudes a sense of intense creativity and expression, blending unique elements of writing, painting and sculpture. Professor in the BA (Hons) in Graphic Design department of AKTO since 1983, in the (BA) department in Fine Art and Technology and in the (BA) department in Sketch - Comics - Cartoon he has contributed to the training and development of new talents in the field of graphic design. He was the founder of the company DESIGN DIEDRO from 1983 to 2013, where he demonstrated his professional approach and creative ability in various business projects. In 1995 he designs one side of the medals for the 13th Pan-European Men's Basketball Games & the 5th World Youth Basketball Games. The other side of the medals is designed by Dimitris Mytaras. In 2020, following a competition by the Ministry of Culture TAPA (Fund for Archaeological Sites and Expropriation), his engraving "The Absense" was selected for the exhibitions of the Greek museums. He is a member of the Chamber of Visual Arts of Greece (EETE) and the Union of Graphic Designers of Greece. He was born and raised in Athens, where his workshop is based until today. ​


    Antigone Pagonas - “Apoplous II” Photography In the context of the great celebration of shipping "Posidonia", the AndieArt Space presents Antigone Pagonas' photographic project "Apoplous II ", which returns enriched with new works, after the first exhibition in Piraeus, in 2021. ​ Antigone Pagonas, having worked for more than 20 years in the shipping sector, she presents the images of her own sea wanderings, with her starting point, the port of her "Apoplous", Piraeus. Pagonas, in both her painting and photographic endeavors, is always looking for places that will lead her to a process of introspection and self- knowledge... Rocks, shores, ports, seas, ship details are the subject of her images that are transformed, as she does not hesitate to experiment either with surfaces and angles, or to isolate details, or take advantage of the light and color giving her images a metaphysical dimension. Pagonas creates simple, almost abstract images, with a strong mysterious character. Her works stand intact and timeless, without betraying a specific location or time. The 2:1 cinematic frames satisfy the viewer's eye, while the strictness of the square, in other cases, captures him to her own point of interest. The sailing, the departure, the Apoplous of the ship marks the beginning of an inner search which in the case of Pagona is an end in itself. An endless journey in which distant and exotic coasts, cosmopolitan ports, and images from the Greek seas and islands alternate. Her origin from the island of Chios, the life in Monaco and Switzerland, the family tradition in the field of shipping are some of the elements that shaped the look of a cosmopolitan traveler whose connection with the sea is deep and organic. ​ Anna Chassanakou Art Historian / Curator Back

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