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Christos Georgoudakis is an artist, graphic designer and sculptor. Since the beginning of his career, he has participated in many group exhibitions, the main ones being ART ATHINA, EETE, the National Gallery of Piraeus.

He has also presented solo exhibitions in important venues in Greece and the United States, such as in New York and Miami. His work exudes a sense of intense creativity and expression, blending unique elements of writing, painting and sculpture.

In addition to his artistic career, he is a professor in the BA departments. Graphic design - fine art + comics cartoon of AKTO since 1983, contributing to the training and development of new talents in the field of graphic design. He has also participated as a speaker in conferences and seminars.

In addition, he was the founder/owner of the company DESIGN DIEDRO (1983-2013), where he demonstrated his professional approach and creative ability in various business projects.

Christos Georgoudakis is an iconic figure in the field of visual arts, with his work exuding creativity, originality and deep aesthetics. His presence in international exhibitions and events has contributed to the recognition of his work and the inspiring dissemination of his art.

In 1995 he designs one side of the medals for the 13th PAN-EUROPEAN BASKETBALL GAMES FOR MEN & FOR THE V WORLD YOUNG BASKETBALL GAMES. The other side of the mine is designed by Dimitris Mytaras.

In 2020, following a competition by the ministry of culture TAPA (Archaeological Resources and Expropriations Fund), you choose the engraving "the absence" depicting the caryatids and a suitcase with a symbolic character, to be sold in the exhibitions of the Greek museums.


  • 1975 - 1978   Athenian Technological Group DOXIADI

                           Degree, Decorative & Graphic Arts

  • 1998             Middlesex University 

                           Master of Arts, Work Based Learning Studies - Specialty: Graphic Design in Higher Education


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