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Metaxourgio City Hostel, ATHENS
(Designed by Antigoni Pagona in 2014)


We had to decide a different usage of an offices' building. I decided to rehabilitate it as a hostel. It will have a total of 12 room & can accommodate 61 guests maximum. Each room will have a different color.



Reflections on the location:


 The building is locates in Metaxourgio in Megalou Alexandrou Str. & Marathonos Str. It is on 5 minutes’ walk from metro station Metaxourgio (red line) and 2 minutes’ walk from the nearest stop of the bus line “X93” which goes from the airport to Ktel Kifissou. The other areas of Athens are easy to access from there. Therefore, its location is ideal for a hostel implementation.

Repairs & Renovations: 

Due to the abandonment of the building, many repairs are needed. The exterior walls need reinforcement. Many cracks on the walls are visible. I will keep it in its industrial character by keeping metallic frames around the windows and the front door & metallic railings on the balconies. The staircases & the elevator remain as it is. However, I will incorporate a small platform to reach the half-floor.


Features of the hostel:


  • Personal care items will be on sale at the reception

  • Computers connected to the internet will available to the guests at the half-floor

  • Free wireless internet available in the whole hostel;

  • TV & DVD room with movies & books;

  • Kitchen all equipped at the disposal of the guests;

  • There will be provisions to sell, so the guests can cook a quick food in the kitchen;

  • Laundry & dryer machines available for the guests to use with coins in the basement;

  • Baggage lockers in the basement;

  • Social area at the bar at the terrace;

  • Water & other bottled beverage will be for sell at the reception (24 hours)

  • Building with electronic front door & security cameras


Type of Rooms: 


  • 8 bedroom dorms

  • Group rooms (also customized to be PSN room - People with Special Needs)

  • 6 bed dorms

  • Double Suites

Colors of rooms (each room will have its own)

Green = new life, energy, fertility, growth & health

Red = danger, fire, blood, passion, destruction, anger, war, combat & conquest

Yellow or Golden = high vibration, force, superior intelligence & nobility

Blue = devotion, faith, aspiration, sincerity, loyalty, trust & tranquility 

Violet = dignity, devotion, piety, sincerity, spirituality, purification & transformation

Brown = patience, discipline, uniformity & compliance with the rules

Gray or Silver = gives balance & stability

Black = introspection, self-analysis favors

White = purity, sincerity & truth

Orange = encouragement, stimulation, strength, attraction, kindness, friendliness, tolerance & prosperity

Pink = romance, spiritual love


  • Solar heating (for showers & washbasins) 

  • ​Photovoltaic lighting (for common areas of the hostel)

  • Use of treated reforestation wood (with green seal) for the furniture of leisure areas

  • Selective Garbage Collection 

  • Saving Electricity,  I will resort to presence detectors, special dimmers & use of LED in whole areas of the hostel (inside & outside)

New Floor Plans: (not in scale)


Ground Floor


First, Second & Third Floor

Graphical Intergration  


Façade (not finished)

facade 1.jpg

Living-Room / TV Room

Double Suites


Groups Rooms

Bar on the fourth floor

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