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We are pleased to accept proposals from individual artists, collaborative groups, and curators. 

Works in any medium can be sent to (Please submit high-quality images of your artwork in JPEG format. Include credits: title, dimensions, and a brief artist statement and bio)

Submissions will be considered, with preference given to emerging and mid-career artists whose work presents a novel and thought-provoking approach to making and thinking about art. 

Proposals will be evaluated on artistic merit, conceptual integrity, and accordance with our mission.

Our sales commission for works in consignment is 40% of the sales price.


Artists are responsible for the shipping of their artworks.



The exhibition space is 80 sq. meter including 30 running meter wall in 2 floors.
The gallery space includes high quality gallery lighting, gallery hanging system and equipment, a 4K screen 43’’ and convenient access to Wi-Fi.


For full Gallery space rental
Price: 500€ per week (no VAT included) 

*Additional Services like curating, advertising / press, catalog are not included in the price and will be provided and priced upon request




Our space is also organising theme curated exhibitions dedicated to promoting emerging artists, providing a platform to showcase diverse perspectives and artistic expressions. 
We are seeking compelling and innovative artworks that explore our Curator’s concepts and vision.
Situated in our gallery space group exhibitions aim to foster creativity and dialogue within the art community.
Exhibition duration is normally 2 weeks, with 1-2 days available for installation prior to the opening.


  • Artists are invited to submit their artworks for consideration.

  • All mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, and digital art are welcome.

  • Please submit high-quality images of your artwork in JPEG format. Include titles, dimensions, and a brief artist statement or description for each submission.

  • Submissions should be sent via email to

Selection Process:

Submissions will be reviewed by our professional collaborating curator and the selected artists will be notified via email.

Participation Fee

50 euros (no VAT) / artist for up to 80 cm. length work (in case of sale of the work this amount will be deducted from the 40% percentage of the gallery), plus 35 euros (no VAT) for the Curator's Fee  


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