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Engraving - Sculpture
1987 - 2024

29 March - 27 April 2024


AndieArt Space inaugurates the solo exhibition of the Artist and Professor of Applied Arts, Christos Georgoudakis, entitled "Christos Georgoudakis, Retrospectiva, Engraving - Sculpture 1987-2024", on Friday 29 March 2024, at 19.30 in the evening and will last until April 27. The exhibition also inaugurates the newly established Art space. 

Curated by Art Historian Anna Chassanakou, it presents selections of Georgoudakis' works - many of which leave his studio for the first time - It spans all the periods of his rich creative 40-year career, offering the opportunity to explore his development and contribution to both engraving and sculpture, he mainly serves.

The exhibition is structured in thematic sections, dominated by his black and white linoleum engraving portraits depicting the most important and influential personalities of Greek Culture, iconic figures that defined the cultural and social wealth of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Great writers and artists, iconic performers, legends of rebetiko, are immortalized by his own unique expressive idiom, capturing at the same time a path of quest, inspiration and creative relevance, while becoming his spiritual guides and his personal refuge.

At the same time, the exhibition shows Georgoudakis' steel sculptures from his "Gordian Knots" and "Human Figures" series, some of which have been displayed in major Greek and international sculpture exhibitions.

Among his works, there are also those of a conceptual character and a clear social commentary, such as his sculpture "Bleeding" or the engraving "Caryatides" which mirror social realities.

Georgoudakis utilizes the possibilities of engraving and sculpture in a constant struggle of challenge and evolution. As the character of both forms of expression often requires special dexterity and high technical demands, they become in his hands a versatile visual tool with which he masterfully transforms handicraft into a Spiritual act, technique into Art.


Curator: Anna Chassanakou