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Christos Georgoudakis - “Retrospectiva”
Engraving - Sculpture
1987 - 2024


The exhibition presents selections of Georgoudakis’ works - many of which are coming out of his studio for the first time - from all periods of his rich creative career of almost 40 years. Georgoudakis, been recognized both for his educational contribution and his artistic work, offers us the opportunity to explore his development and contribution in the field of engraving and sculpture, which he mainly serves.

The exhibition is structured in 4 thematic sections, dominated by his black and white engraved portraits on linoleum.

These are portraits of the most important personalities of our culture, iconic Greek figures of the 20th and 21st centuries, with international impact.

Great Writers and Artists, emblematic performers and legends of Rebetiko, are immortalized in each print, with its own unique idiom. The artist engraves the most special features of these figures who are often presented as ascetic figures, almost hierographically rendered, in a symbolic background, where the straight line follows the curve, the white color changes to black and light disappears in shadow, while often, the appearance of a color or object in the background adds both to the aesthetics - creating intensity, contrast or depth - and the semiotics of his design - it evokes feelings and memories.

His gestures become a window into the inner psyche of these personalities, as well as his own, inviting the viewer to become the correspondent of the ideas they express.

At the same time, the exhibition exhibits steel sculptures from his "Gordian Knot" and "Human Figures" series.

In his sculptural work, Georgoudakis treats a difficult and "untamable" material, hard and solid, such as steel, which he forges to create simple steel silhouettes and tightly tied knots. The steel with his curved shapes and smooth forms combined with the solid nature, demonstrate the artist's mastery, if not the imposition, of his material.

Finally a section of works of conceptual character and clear social commentary, such as his sculpture "Bleeding" or the engraving “Abduction”, function as a kind of timeless mirror reflecting social reality.

Georgoudakis utilizes the possibilities of engraving and sculpture as a means of constant struggle, challenge and evolution. As the character of both forms of expression often requires special dexterity and high technical knowledge, they become in his hands a multifaceted visual tool, with which he masterfully transforms handicraft into a Spiritual act, technique into Art.

His work cultivates a sense of immediacy and proximity, inviting the viewer to appropriate his works and live with them, as he does every day, in the sanctuary of his studio.


Anna Chassanakou


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