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Art Exhibition Opening At The "L, a, boutique Fine Art Lab" Gallery, Athens

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Just a glimpse from the Great Opening of the exhibition "AOTEAROA - Land Of The Long White Cloud" at the L, a, boutique Fine Art Lab Gallery held on 13/10/2018 in Athens, Greece. Many thanks to those who showed up and those who texted for good luck! Your presence means a world to me!

It was a great experience with excellent vibes and great mood thanks to you all! I would like to thank Mrs. Annita Patsouraki and Mr. Pagrati Pagratidis for their trust and their permanent support of my work. Mr. Costa Cotsilinis, the Honorary Consul-General of New Zealand, for honoring my event with his presence. Special thanks to my dear friend Dimitris Blounas for adding a professional touch at the bar during the event! Clicks: Mr. Notis Stamatelos

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Press Release:

Below the digital catalog of this exhibition created by L, a, boutique Fine Art Lab:

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