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Andie Art's Inauguration

A new space for art and cultural events

Founded in October 2018 by artist and interior designer Antigoni Pagona, “Andie Art” has blossomed into a beacon of art and creativity, situated in a 2-floor contemporary Art Space in the heart of Athens' business center, few meters away from the Athens’ Tower.

At the core of this amazing, fast growing and vibrant area lies a space that emerges as a multidimensional destination, hosting Antigoni’s atelier, where she welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in her art, and also presents curated group exhibitions from a wide spectrum of art genres and styles, workshops, and various cultural events. A beautiful collection of unique and /original artΙfacts are displayed at the ground floor's art shop, bringing together a rich tapestry of artistic production.


With a diverse team of artists, curators and art professionals, “Andie Art” celebrates creativity while also supporting meaningful causes. She collaborates with organizations and foundations that promote solidarity, organising exhibitions and events dedicated to missions such as the fight against violence towards women, breast cancer awareness, and others. This fusion creates a space that transcends its mere role as an art venue, embodying the essence of social responsibility.


“Andie Art” evolves into a true cultural hub, where spirits, ideas and talent gather together, radiating Antigoni’s vision and passion for artistic expression and community.


Photography & Paintings: Antigoni Pagona

Fine Art Printing: L, a, Boutique Fine Art.

Sponsors: Chios Gardens and Betterfly Digital

Inauguration of the new space: Friday 29 September 2023, at 18:00

It will also be announced its important collaboration with Artboxy, which will be hosted from October 1, 2023 at "Andie Art".

A few words about Artboxy: