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(12/10 - 26/10/2019)


The Gallery of Notou, 152 Koundouriotou Street in Piraeus inaugurates on Saturday, October 12, 2019 and time 13:00 - 16:00 the group art exhibition on:  ART | The 5th Element

The exhibition lasts from 12 to 26 October 2019

The exhibition is curated by Art historian Olga Latousaki, while the concept, organization and communication of the exhibition is the responsibility of Dimitris Lazarou.

38 contemporary artists present works of painting, photography and sculpture, highlighting ART in the 5th element.

The exhibition opens at midday (13:00 - 16:00), giving the art-loving public the opportunity not only to get in touch with the 5th element, Art, but also with Piraeus, since the Gallery of the South is located in its key point. The art historian and curator of the exhibition, Olga Latousaki points out in her text entitled "Art as the fifth element of nature": 

The name of this exhibition sounds foreign at first, since from ancient times, nature consists of a strict square of elements: water, fire, earth and air. The place of art in nature, however, is neither incomprehensible nor unheard of. Observation, admiration and awe for the world around us has been inherent in man since the time of the caves and continues to influence human creation to this day.
One does not have to search long to discover that all art movements, without exception, involve the admiration of the human species for nature and natural phenomena. Very important periods in the history of art, such as, for example, the Egyptian period, the Renaissance, baroque, romanticism, naturalism, and even cubism, result from the observation and depiction of elements of the natural environment.
The name nature, as a definition, comes from the ancient Greek verb "fyou" = I grow. In a broader sense, the word "nature" refers to the natural environment and therefore to life in general. As a term, on the other hand, the concept of "environment" contains a concept, we would say, anthropocentric, a theory that begins with man and then unfolds in the direction of the "whole" and the organisms that surround him, material and intangible.

The Stoic philosophers, speaking of the "spirit", referred to a primitive mixture of fire and air, a child of nature, rooted deep in the human soul. A vague, meaning, without which man would not be at all different from other living beings.
We would say that art is a "imprinted spirit", a "trace of the human soul", which is why the answer to "what is art" has not yet been fully answered. But, as with all four elements of nature, is the question "Can man live without art" just as easily answered?

Concept - Organization - Contact: Dimitris Lazarou - Email: //
Curator & text of the exhibition: Olga Latousaki
Creative - Catalog & publications: Sofia Papadopoulou
Video exhibition curator: Tasos P. (Tasos P.)
English translations: Maria Syrri
Opening: Saturday 12 October from 13:00 to 16:00
Exhibition duration: 12 to 26 October 2019

Gallery tou Notou, 152 Kountouriotou Str. 18535, Piraeus.
Τ. 2104122912 


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