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Saïdona (The Little Moscow)

I always spend every summer and nearly every Easter at Saïdona, in Greece, with my family and friends. This is where my aunt's husband is from. I feel very connected with this place. It is the only place where I can recharge my batteries and is also my escape of reality. I find peace and serenity there.

Castle in Saïdona

Saïdona is a mountainous village in western Mani (at an altitude of approximately 600 m). It is located 54 km away from Kalamata and 13 km away from beach of Stoupa. Also, it is amphitheatrically built on the southwest side of Mountain Sotiritsa at the foot of Taygetos.

View from my house

Those who passed by that place, admired the beauty of the village within the environment created by huge oaks and flowing waters with cobblestone alleys and old traditional stone houses overlooking the sea. Furthermore, the beauty of the landscape and the existence of many nightingales gave the name to the village (nightingales- “Aïdonia” – San – Saïdona).

The first inhabitants were settled in Saïdona after the Ottoman conquest of Greece, as evidenced by the ruins of houses and the existence of two historically preserved tower monasteries of the area, of Samouil and Vaïdanitsa dated back to the 17th century.

Samouil Monastery
Samouil Monastery
Inside of Samouil Monastery
Inside of Samouil Monastery
Inside of Samouil Monastery - during the celebration of Virgin Mary on 15/08
Samouil Monastery - during the mess for Saint Maria in 15/08
Vaïdanitsa Monastery

Other remarkable monuments of Saïdona are the tower of Kitriniaris and the temples of Archangel of the 13th century and Saint Nicolaos of 1830. The participation of the villagers was important in all national liberation struggles as they participated in the resistance action of 1940. In honor of the fallen fighters of the region, they have erected a monument at the entrance of Saïdona, where each year on the Sunday before Assumption a memorial prayer takes place.

Saint Nicholas

If you spend your vacations in western mani, spend some time to visit this village. The people are very welcoming and it is worth a visit.

Sunset in Saïdona
An Entrance in one of the Kastritseïka (Upper village) houses
View from the village

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