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"Anyone can be an artist!"

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Purple Tree, Watercolor painting

Just like any hobby or skill, practice is necessary! I approach my daily practice and work ethic to create a way of running; When you want to run a half or full marathon you don't just go out at the starting line without training and pushing yourself. The best way to learn to run is just to go out there and start, you set a few goals to pace yourself and hopefully come to a point where you can look back and see improvement and the efforts of your labor.

Guess?, Mix media: ink, color pencils, acrylic paint

If you create at least once a day, you're not only providing yourself with a creative outlet but you're also giving yourself permission to just create. I am not saying that you are expected to create a masterpiece everyday - my daily paintings are not always productive and not always a full piece. "The more I create the more creativity I invite in".

Egypt, Acrylic Painting

"What makes someone an artist?"

Someone may take the time to ponder and provide a thought in response to this question, but for me (and certainly other creatives), getting asked this question is less than desirable. Why? Simply put, there is not one thing that truly defines or classifies someone as an artist. There is more power in calling yourself an artist than attempting to tick off all the boxes defined by critics, society, or history. Artists and creatives can be their own worst critic; they scrutinize their work, pull it apart and pick at the flaws as if their eyes were a magnifying glass that discovered something out of place.

My perspective and practice on daily creations tends to lean more towards quantity than quality. This isn't to say I am trying to sell work I deem as sub-par but rather the time I put into the work doesn't reflect or live up to the composition I imagined. The more I create, the more my style is defined.

Untitled, Fine Art Photography

The best thing about art and the idea of what makes someone an artist is that the definition can change from person to person.

© AndieArt Antigoni Pagona

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