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A Young Graphic Designer’s House

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Designed by Antigoni Pagona in 2014

The request:

The purpose of this project was to arrange and chose the furniture needed to decorate a small studio located in Madrid in an old building (about 150 years old) to accommodate a young graphic designer. The architect Manuel Ocaña del Valle configured this very small residential area in the year 2000.


  • Drawings: (not in scale)

  • Photographic Material: Interior of the House

Ideas & Solutions:

  • The studio lacks of warmth (color) and is very bulk atypical state. So the place needs to get some bright colors.

  • I kept the staircase as it is and the cupboards under it.

  • The old bathroom and kitchen will be completely destroyed / removed to make a more functional and clear space.

New floor Plan:

Shopping references:

Bought for a young Graphic Designer, the small studio has to be transformed in a place to live young, with few design touches. I decided to use little furniture but carefully chosen: contemporary and visually light.

  • Floors & Walls

Laminated flooring to give a warmer atmosphere.

Metro tile to the walls for the bathroom;

Wall color facing the office area (light blue)

The other walls will remain white.

  • The Entrance

Mondrian effect with a set of hooks multicolored cast aluminum.

  • Living-room / Bedroom

Comfortable bed-sofa

Resting tables white Kilo (Habitat) to allow movement of the sofa-bed

Turquoise ball lamp from Habitat

Custard Bamboo Fruit Bowl Footed from BrandAlley

  • Office Area (IKEA)

Legs of the working surface Working surface in white LINNMON

Alex drawers

  • Kitchen / Dining Area

Approximately how the kitchen will look like

Dining table IKEA (HÖGSBY) in oak wood Dining chair: white chair Eames Rar

  • Bathroom

Shower with shown the metro white

The sink and cupboard

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