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(14/08 - 27/08/2022)

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The group art exhibition is presented on the island of the seamanship at the Adamantia Art Space in Neiborio, Andros: "My fate… SEA"

The Adamantia Art Space (Neiborio - Andros) presents from Sunday, August 14 to Saturday, August 27 the Group Art Exhibition "My fate… SEA"
OPENING: Sunday, August 14, time: 8 p.m.

"The human soul is bathed in the purity of the sea. Our nostalgia finds a way out and our pain finds its expression. 
The Eulogy of the Sea (excerpt)"
K. Karyotakis

On the island that has always been and is the sea, Andros, which according to Andreas Empirikos is "the island of ekpaglos, the queen of the Aegean... the most beautiful of all the worlds", notable and acclaimed contemporary visual artists are inspired and create works that their fate is the sea that "nourished" and distinguished this country to surround, spread and weave its history.

The group art exhibition "My fate… SEA" invites you to visit the beautiful and welcoming Adamantia art space in Neiporio, on the beach of Chora tis Andros, to feel the touch of the sea, to be nostalgic for images that "bind" you to it , to take courage from the gaze of holy persons, to leaf through the stories of loved ones and to walk or swim in the sea places of a country where the sea offered it global value, historical glories, moments of liberation from its shackles but also opened wounds to those who they followed, but the fate of the sea is to weave human stories of joy and pain and to drag us into its immensity, many times without return.

The exhibition opens on Sunday, August 14 at 8pm. and runs until Saturday, August 27. It can be visited daily and on weekends throughout its duration, while entry to the exhibition is FREE.

Dimitris Lazarou and his cultural website are responsible for the concept, organization and editing of the exhibition.

The artists involved are:
Eleni Denart – Kirsikka Soustiel - Kostas G. Schnippering - Paul Spourelas - Sidan Ghazi – Yiannis Kaminis – Yiannis Ambatzoglou – Lena Anadiotou – Anastasia Anthrakopoulou – Maria Argyrakopoulou – Chrysoula Della Vakoufari – Lisa Merlin Vasilatou – Frosso Vyzovitou – Poly Georgakopoulou – Maria Gela – Maria Dadaroukas - Spyridoula Dimos - Vasilios Kagaras - Irini Kapolis - Iro Kavkiou Karaulani - Mary Karlou - Stella Karlou - Dimitris Katsavelis - Miranda Katsifa - Mina Kouzouni - Despina Maria Logidou - Eleni Louki - Theodoros Markopoulos - Vivi Mendzelopoulou - Marilena Bitzani - Nancy Naumidou - Olga Xythali –
Antigoni Pagona – Aristea Panagiotakopoulou – Nikos Pantzopoulos – Marietta Papageorgiou – Lina Romanou – Vivetta Sarri – Margarita Telianidou – Rena Lyra Hadjigeorgiou – Ifigenia Christodoulidou.

My fate... SEA" – Group Art Exhibition
OPENING: Sunday, August 14 | time 8 p.m.
Exhibition duration: 14 to 27 August


Concept – Organization - Contact: Dimitris Lazarou – email: //

Adamantia Art Space
Neimporio - Andros
Tel: 22820 22324
Instagram: adamantia_art_space
Facebook: Adamantia, a place of art and learning


Days and Hours of operation
Monday to Sunday: 19:00 – 23:00
For morning appointments, call 22820 22324
On Monday, August 15, the exhibition will remain CLOSED


In the following link you will find the exhibition as an electronic catalog in the form of a flip book like a magazine, i.e.
You can flip through it


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