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She was born and raised in the Netherlands. After her studies, she returned to her beloved Greece, a life-long dream. 

Living in Greece, she started missing her “other” country, Holland, so she divided her time between her two home countries. 

To her credit, she had solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad as well as many participations in group exhibitions, while her works are in private collections as well as at the John Kennedy Institute in Washington. 


Apart from painting and sculpture, she writes fairytales, teaches, she is also an artist in jewelry and various artifacts (mostly from papier mache). She uses a wide range of materials: acrylics, charcoal, Indian ink, natural pigments, metals, glass, resins, clay, papier mache and papyrus. 


  • 1996 - 1998  Euro Academy-Eindhoven, Netherlands

                           BA in Hospitality Management

  • 2009             Artistic training from courses at “Beldekos-Sarasitis” arts-schools

  • 2010 - 2011  Artistic training from course “Michaelides” arts-schools


  • 2015 - 2018  AKTO College, Athens Greece (affiliated with Middlesex University, London)

​                           BA Hons Fine Art and New Media 


  • 2021 - 2022  Laudius, Netherlands, 

                           Diploma in creative therapy coaching​

  • 2023             Certificate HPC Trainingen, youth trainer in social skills and failure anxiety


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2001     Artcafe Through Time, Athens, Greece

  • 2006     Aspoart, Athens, Greece

  • 2008     Diemen, Amsterdam, Holland - Technodrasi, Pireaus, Greece

  • 2011     "Bridges To Art ... Bridges To Silence", Old School, Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

  • 2023     "Still Humans I", Chili Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

Group  Exhibitions

  • 2008      "Greek Colors Abroad", Athens Fine Art Festival, Athens, Greece

  • 2008      "Protection Of The Environment", Athens War Museum, Athens, Greece

  • 2008      "Calendar Artwork 2009", Municipal Art Gallery of Pireaus by UNESCO Pireos & Nison, Piraeus, Greece

  • 2008      "Athens Fine Arts Festival", Controversies In Contemporary Greek Art, Athens, Greece

  • 2009      "Greek colors abroad 2", Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality Melina Merkouri, Athens, Greece

  • 2009      "International Art" exhibition by UNESCO Pireos & Nison, Greece

  • 2009      "Multinational Festival" by UNESCO Pireos & Nison, Greece

  • 2009      "Greek Colours / Colours Of Peace", Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality Melina Merkouri, Athens, Greece

  • 2009      "Controversies In Contemporary Greek Art", Athens Fine Art Festival, Athens, Greece

  • 2010      "2nd Multinational Exhibition" by UNESCO Pireos & Nison, Piraeus, Greece

  • 2010      "Disability", multinational exhibition at JOHN KENNEDY Ιnstitute, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

  • 2011      "Athens Fringe Festival 2011", Technopolis, Gazi, Athens, Greece

  • 2014      "Diversity", Art Gallery Panos Archolekas, Ios Island, Greece

  • 2015      "Dialogue between artist and viewer", MaLou Art Consulting and Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.

  • 2018      "A Rock Story", Trii Art Hub, Koukaki, Athens, Greece

  • 2018      "Nature Inside" by H.Art.V., Depot Art Gallery, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece

  • 2018      "Aeriofos" by AKTO College & Gas company, Technopolis, Athens, Greece.

  • 2019      "Greece Everywhere", Expo Houten, Utrecht, Holland

  • 2022      "Aegean Blue" Oasis gallery, Bodrum, Turkey

  • 2022      "Personal Data" Myro gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • 2022      "The Greek Light" the Hague, Leonardo Royal Hotel, by the Greek Embassy in the Netherlands

  • 2023      “GAIA-Terra”, Medina Gallery Roma, Italy

  • 2023      “A Vote for Art”, Chili Art Gallery, Athens, Greece



  • She taught painting at an elementary school in Greece

  • She teaches the History of Arts, Painting and Clay Sculptures to young students in her studio

  • Member of the evaluation committee of the Greek Children's Gallery

  • Workshops in Greece and Holland and with a particular focus on Ancient Greek Mythology

  • Sets and Art Direction of the theatrical play "Imperator Calligula", "Alkmini theater" (2016).

  • Artistic supervisor for a short film (children's dance theatre), in corporation with "Oniroessa" dance theater group, "Herakleidon Museum", Athens (2018).

  • Volunteer at a youth work facility, providing creative projects and numerous activities , Vessem (2020-21).

  • Creative therapy coach at Top Trainingen en begeleiding, Vessem (2021-23)

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